Andreas Pistiolis has become the new head coach of our team, the contract is valid until the end of the season. Thus, the 45-year-old Greek specialist returned to CSKA, where he worked for almost eight seasons as an assistant...

Andreas Pistiolis named CSKA head coach

Pistiolis’ resume includes five EuroLeague titles, three of them were won with Panathinaikos, under the guidance of Zeljko Obradovic, and two more with CSKA under the leadership of Dimitris Itoudis. By the way, during Itoudis’ illness in February 2022, Andreas acted as head coach and played three games heading the CSKA.

In March 2022, Andreas left our team, accepting the offer of the Turkish Galatasaray to begin a full-time career as a head coach. The Greek worked at the Istanbul club until May last year.

Andrey Vatutin, PBC CSKA President:

I am glad to welcome back Andreas to CSKA! When we said goodbye two years ago, I said that our paths would certainly cross. This day has come, and our invitation will immediately become a difficult test for the coach. The team is expected to win, there is only a week left before the playoffs, and Pistiolis will have to get straight to work. We don't expect a magical transformation. We hope that the new head coach will be able to use a fresh look to find the right moves in managing the team and emotionally shake up the players. We believe that Andreas will succeed, because he went through an excellent school at the top level, has vast experience, knows how to win, and has a great idea of what it means to work for CSKA. It is important that Pistiolis is familiar with most of our players, knows the club and the League, and he will not need time to adapt. And, most importantly, he expressed a great desire to help the team. Yes, changing a coach before the playoffs is a big risk and challenge, but with this step, instead of the doom of the last games, we give ourselves and our fans hope for a successful performance. There is very little time, but all of us at the club will make every effort to make Andreas succeed. We wish him good luck and hope for the support of the fans!

Andreas Pistiolis, CSKA head coach:

After two years since my last practice with CSKA, total eight years of being part of this incredible organization, I am returning as the head coach of the team! Back then our president Andrey Vatutin said that he was sure that our paths will cross again and as always he kept his word! I am having the privilege to lead a team destined to win and prevail in every game! 80 titles by the club give the perfect understanding of the greatness of this team. We will hustle for every ball, we will play hard and we will make everyone feel what it means to play against CSKA. We are here to win!


16 April 12:26
Почему с Итудисом вновь не договорились, тот тоже сидит без дела с декабря. Уж кому кому, а ему точно не надо было бы долго вникать в работу клуба. А Пистиолис уже год без работы, тоже из "перспективных" по типу Райковича
16 April 13:57
А Итудис хотел?
15 April 18:06
Надеемся..и верим!!
Не поздновато ли руководство опомнилось??
15 April 14:55
Будем ждать перемен
15 April 14:54
Господь услышал наши молитвы.
Успехов Андреасу в это сложное время!
15 April 14:34
Сан Саныч
15 April 12:58
Отличная новость. Давно пора было вернуть Райковича в Астану. Не дорос он еще до работы с топами.
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