Center Livio Jean-Charles (30 years old, 206 cm) will continue to play for our team until the end of the next season...

Plus one year for Livio Jean-Charles

A native of French Guiana, who has considerable experience in the EuroLeague and his country's national team, played 95 games in red and blue for CSKA over two seasons. In the 2023-24 season, out of fifty games, he started 42 with averages of 10.9 points (64.8% of two-pointers), 4.0 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 0.7 blocked shots per 19.0 minutes. Jean-Charles is one of the key figures in the team’s championship campaign.


Andreas Pistiolis, CSKA head coach:

I am happy that we retained Livio in our team. With this move we managed to hold on to the majority of the team that won the championship, and that is an important achievement. Livio has been a reliable player, an example of professionalism, and he has stepped up anytime the team needed him. I confident that he will add another solid season, and I am looking forward to our cooperation.

Livio Jean-Charles, CSKA center:

We have experienced ups and downs, unforgettable victories and challenges that we overcame together. I look forward to continuing to contribute to our collective success, working alongside my teammates, the staff and our incredible supporters to reach new heights.


Сан Саныч
22 June 13:25
Это хорошо.
22 June 11:08
Хорошая новость.
22 June 10:35
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