Current situation on the CSKA team. UPD Mar 2

For personal reasons related to the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, as well as its possible consequences, Tornike Shengelia, Iffe Lundberg, Marius Grigonis, Johannes Voigtmann, Joel Bolomboy and Daniel Hackett left the location of CSKA. The actions of the players are a violation of the terms of the contract and club regulations, but the club treats the personal situation of each of the players with understanding. The status of player agreements will be resolved later.

All other basketball players and coaches continue to prepare for the upcoming games accordingly to the usual schedule. CSKA-2 players Filipp Gafurov, Alexander Evseev, Vladimir Karpenko, Ivan Pynko, Yuri Umrikhin and Dmitry Khalturin also work with the main team.

The club monitors the development of the situation, focusing on the decisions of government organizations and tournaments in which the team takes part. At the moment, the participation of Russian teams in the EuroLeague is suspended. VTB League games will resume according to the schedule, which may be rebuilt due to the lack of a European calendar.


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