For the first time ever our club organized the One Team session outside of Moscow – in Kaliningrad…
One Team on the road
For the first time ever our club organized the One Team session outside of Moscow – in Kaliningrad.

The participants of the master class hosted by the Army Men were brought from the several sports school of the region – Basketball School #9, Sports Schools of Guryevsk District, of Bolshakovo, of Gvardeysk, Yantar School from Zelenogradsk. One Team ambassadors Nikita Kurbanov and Kyle Hines were the long-awaited guests of the master class.

The kids had a unique chance to see the protagonists of CSKA – Olimpia Milan game so they were ready to do whatever the CSKA players tell them. Every drill was intended to develop and strengthen most positive personal qualities like team spirit, responsibility, inner strength, decisiveness, mutual help and support. The young basketball players were enthusiastic about participating in different contests and ready to listen to the valuable advice of their teachers. In the end Kyle and Nikita gave autographs and made numerous photos with the kids.

Nikita Kurbanov, One Team ambassador:
As usual everybody was on positive. There is always good atmosphere at such events. This one is not an exception. We shared some positive emotions. Kids were joyful and positive. Yesterday they went to the game. So they are cheered up of positive emotions. They came and we showed them some exercises. To teach them to be a team. Because basketball is a team game. We trained them softly. So they understand there are individuals efforts. But they should act as a team. Kids were doing great. After that we gave some autographs and took some photos. Everybody is happy.

Rafael Tashev, One Team clinic participant:
I was in a team with Kyle Hines. I really liked that. We did some exercises with that the sticks at the beginning. After that we played Amerikanka. It is a game where several guys or the whole team lines up in a row on the free-throws line. One shoots and if he doesn’t score and the next one scores. Then the first one is knocked out. If he shot, picked up the ball and scored before being knocked out by the person behind him. Then he goes to the end of the row and continues to play.


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