One team - in any conditions
Covid has altered not only the Euroleague basketball schedule, but also the format of the traditional master classes as part of One Team, a joint social program of the league and clubs.

For several seasons CSKA has been cooperating with the Russian Defense Ministry's Boarding School. Please recall that the school is for daughters of servicemen serving in remote military garrisons, from single-parent families and large families, and for children of deceased servicemen and combatants who were awarded state awards for fulfilling their military duty.

This season, the first meeting took place during the One Team week in the Euroleague - not on the basketball court, as usual, but online. It was attended by cadets from the 9th grade, and from the side of the army club - ambassadors of the One Team project Nikita Kurbanov and Daniel Hackett, who tried on a new status this season. In addition to the overall circumstances, the Zoom conference format - regular for the times of self-isolation, was also relevant because the Boarding School is closed for any visits, no exceptions are made for anyone.

Nevertheless, in spite of any obstacles, communication took place and passed in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. The wards of the Boarding School actively asked questions on various different topics concerning basketball and the life of athletes, asked for advice. The army players explained why they chose basketball when they were children, which opponent they consider to be the strongest and to be the most principal rival. Dani shared that he was happy to be a part of CSKA, because it was the red and blue club that was such a difficult opponent for him. Hackett advised to carry out routine exercises for developing and maintaining shape. Nikita talked about his long basketball career and his sporting luck, how to be a captain, and the difference between the concepts of "leader" and "captain".

In gratitude to the athletes for their attention and help, the junior pupils of the Boarding School made a surprise for the army mentors: they recorded the team's announcement, which appeared on the cube of the arena in Mytishchi before the Khimki - CSKA derby in the Euroleague.


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