Special season

CSKA has opened a new season of the Euroleague and the clubs social project - One Team. It is a sports and development program aimed at adapting people, impacted by difficult circumstances, using basketball as a means of bringing positive change to their lives. 

This year, our club began work in the capital's "Territory of the Ball" with a new special group - the wards of basketball coach Sergei Filin, who trains children with autism spectrum disorder

11 novice athletes have been playing basketball for only five months, but they have already fallen in love with this game with all their hearts. The youngest athlete in the Army One Team is only 6 years old, the oldest is 22 years old. Volunteers - young basketball players from Moscow sports schools help the coach in this undertaking. The first lesson in the framework of the project was devoted to getting to know each other and the training session was made up of simple exercises. The guys did an excellent job with the "ladder", successfully dribbled around cones and tried to shoot free throws. The hardest part was the coordination exercises, but these tasks worked perfectly to develop mutual assistance among the children.


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