Greek specialist Andreas Pistiolis, who has worked in our team as an assistant coach for the past eight seasons, will continue his career as head coach of Galatasaray Istanbul...
Andreas Pistiolis named Galatasaray head coach

Pistiolis worked with Dimitris Itoudis in Panathinaikos and Banvit. Andreas was the interim head coach of CSKA in the 2020 pre-season and three games this season.

At Galatasaray, Pistiolis will replace Turkish coach Ekrem Memnun, who has been working with the team since the start of this season. After 22 games, the team is in sixth place out of 16.

Andrey Vatutin, PBC CSKA President:

I had no doubt that this day would come. It has long been obvious to all of European basketball that Pistiolis has sufficient knowledge, talent, experience, and a desire to develop to become an excellent head coach. It was a pleasure to work with Andreas also because he is a wonderful person and family man, an interesting conversationalist, a great specialist who is highly respected by the players and colleagues. The decision to move has nothing to do with the current political situation, coach Pistiolis received an offer that should not be refused, and the club supported him. I wish Andreas all the best in the next phase of his career. I'm sure our paths will cross again.

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:

Me personally and everyone in the club are happy that this opportunity opened for Andreas. Galatasaray General Manager Turgay Zeytingöz is our longtime friends, so I am happy that they found the agreement. Andreas was an important part of our success in the past 8 years, I wish best of luck and health to him and his family. I am more than convinced that Andreas has great career in front of him.

Andreas Pistiolis, Galatasaray head coach:

They say life is a blink! I had the honor to be part of an incredible organization for 8 years. I worked with unique people, celebrated wins and trophies. My deepest respect goes to our president Andrey Vatutin and to Vice President Natalia Furaeva. Thank you! My gratitude goes to my mentor and friend coach Dimitris Itoudis. I will never forget what I’ve learned next to you. I will keep to my heart all the memories and moments I had with all the players, colleagues and fans. Thank you CSKA for an incredible journey that I will never forget!


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