Our club agreed with MBA Moscow on the transfer of guard Alexander Khomenko...
Thank you, Alexander!

The basketball player and his new club used the option to terminate his agreement with CSKA that was valid until 2023.

Khomenko started playing basketball in Belgorod with coach Viktor Shved, and in 2014 he ended up in the CSKA Youth project, impressing the coaches during the master classes of the Dream Team program of CSKA and Rostelecom. Aleksander did not spend much time on adaptation and showed himself as one of the leaders in each of the junior and youth teams, distinguished by his tough defense, courage and the ability to help the team at key moments of games.

For the first time, Khomenko played for the main team in the season 2018-19 and, although he was formally listed at that time in CSKA-2, he became a co-author of victories in the EuroLeague and VTB United League. Starting with the following season, Alexander was already in the main roster and gradually won the right to become a rotation player, in this capacity he won his second VTB League title in 2021. In total, the basketball player has 86 games for CSKA (6 in the starting five), including 22 in the EuroLeague.

Andrey Vatutin, CSKA President:

Eight years in the club structure, half of this time - in the main team, allow you to look at Khomenko as a CSKA veteran. At the same time, he is only 23, and his professional career is just beginning. And, although Sasha has already won many titles with our team, he still has a long way to go. Including, I hope, in the CSKA uniform - I'm sure, given more opportunities to prove himself, Khomenko will achieve considerable progress and return to us as a main player, a real leader. I sincerely wish him health, good luck and new victories.

Alexander Khomenko:

I consider CSKA my native team, I've spent most of my basketball life here, progressed as a player, achieved victories. I will always have a feeling of gratitude to the management, Andrey Vatutin and Natalia Furaeva, staff, administrators, doctors, all the coaches - the youth project and the main team, all the guys with whom we went to work together, went through difficult times and achieved memorable victories, and, of course, to the fans who supported CSKA and me personally at all times. Thanks a lot! Now I am waiting for a new stage in my life, I will try to take the next step as a professional, and we will meet with everyone more than once, shake hands, hugs and smiles.


14 July 13:55
Немножко жаль, но Александру - удачи, здоровья и больших новых успехов!
08 July 09:10
Печально, думала останется и с новым тренером покажет все, на что способен...
Удачи и ждем обратно!
07 July 15:09
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