Honored CSKA players, Olympic, world, European, USSR champions, sent the letter to the club with the words of support to the team which lives through tough times...
CSKA veterans address the team
Dear friends, army team players!

You are living through tough times. Six losses in two months to start the season may be ‘swallowed’ by any team except for CSKA, who at any moment and in any conditions does not accept any other result but the win. At the same time remember: even the greatest clubs have their periods of decline. And the greatness means that you have to stand still under the blows by the opponents – on and off the court. The moments like this allow to harden, to become stronger, to separate your enemies from your friends.

We believe in your strength, talent, will. We cherish your respect and appreciate club’s care. We know the big wins will come back.

Remember that you can count on our support and friendly advise.

Yours sincerely,

CSKA veterans

Vladimir Andreev
Anatoly Astakhov
Ivan Edeshko
Alzhan Zharmukhamedov
Victor Zubkov
Alexander Kulkov
Andrey Lopatov
Anatoly Myshkin
Sergey Tarakanov
and many others


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