Center Micheal Eric left our team upon expiration of his contract...
Thank you, Micheal!

The Nigerian National Team player moved to CSKA from Turk Telecom at the end of February amid a large number of injuries in the ranks of the Army Men and signed an agreement before the end of the season. Michael took part in 27 games, with 20 starts. His averages were: 5.8 points (65.4% of two-pointers), 3.4 rebounds, 0.4 steals and 0.4 blocked shots in 12.5 minutes. Together with the Red-and-Blues Eric made his debut in the Euroleague Final Four and became the champion of the VTB United League.

Dimitris Itoudis, head coach of CSKA:

Micheal really impressed us with his commitment and professionalism on and off the court. He proved himself to be a very good teammate. We wish Micheal all the best and thank him for his help.

Micheal Eric:
Thank you to the entire CSKA organization and its fans. What a blessing it has been to play for such a successful coach, a storied club and a first-class organization! Having played a small part in this club’s history will be something I will always remember. To my teammates, thank you for welcoming me and displaying character and tenacity on the court. God Bless!


16 June 21:28
Всех благ тебе высокий парень из Нигерии! Спасибо что был с нами!
16 June 17:39
Хотелось бы видеть в команде Экпе Юдо. Шикарно играл за Фенербахче. Теперь он где-то пылит в НБА...
16 June 17:36
Очевидно, не вошел в дальнейшие тренерские планы из-за отсутствия стабильности на протяжении всего матча. Выходил в старте на 5-6 минут, играл активно, забивал, а потом...  просто испарялся с площадки.
16 June 15:06
Жаль, нравился.
16 June 13:53
Итудису конечно виднее, но мне он нравился. Боец, хорошо на подбор шёл, ошибался мало.
16 June 10:32
Спасибо, Майкл! Ты классный! Удачи тебе!
16 June 10:09
Спасибо, было приятно видеть в команде.
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