CSKA and Fenerbahce played another close game that brought 2-point win to our team…
This teams never dissappoint
CSKA and Fenerbahce played another close game that brought 2-point win to our team.

CSKA vs. Fenerbahce Istanbul: 70-68 (+2)

CSKA: Bolomboy (3 rb + 4 pf), Rodriguez (9 + 4 as + 3 to), Higgins (15), Kurbanov (4 + 8 rb + 2 st), Hunter (4) – start; De Colo (5), Peters (8 + 4 rb), Ukhov (0), Antonov (0), Clyburn (16 + 8 rb), Hackett (5 + 4 pf), Hines (4 + 2 as + 3 to)…

Fenerbahce: Melli (8 + 4 rb + 2 st + 5 pf), Kalinic (17 + 7 rb + 4 as), Guduric (4), Muhammed (15 + 2 as + 2 st), Duverioglu (0) – start; Green (0), Mahmutoglu (0), Biberovic (DNP), Sloukas (8 + 2 as), Vesely (10 + 2 as + 3 st), Guler (DNP), Datome (6 + 3 rb)…

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
I believe this is an important win for us psychologically because we beat the EuroLeague leader. As I said before the game, in the last 5 years the games between us are decided in the clutch, in overtimes, at the buzzer, with single defenses, tips, rebounds, etc. If we analyze the game, we deserved to win it, even though the win could go either way. We can be proud of our defense because we kept very good offensive team down to 68 points. Overall I can say that we show good defense in last 3-4 games. In the first half turnovers were our problem, we were practically giving the ball away to our opponents hands, but in the end of the second quarter we started to play better and we were almost perfect on defense in the third quarter. We could have won it easier and have the margin that we needed but Dixon [Ali] and Kalinic hit tough three-point shots. The game was full of strategy, we both tried to use our opponents weaknesses. And in one more games many our players stepped up. Obviously, Will, Cory and Dani played important roles in the clutch, but everyone on the team contributed. 11 thousands fans really helped us, I am sure they enjoyed the game. We are in the end of the regular season but in fact the season just starts for us.


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