Dusan Ivkovic: «It’s very difficult to talk about the game after a ceremony like that. All 5,000 that came to the arena today, they were all one: players, fans, administration, club staff. They were part of the game, part of the team...»
Our Project is Not Finished!
Dusan Ivkovic, PBC CSKA head coach:

- It’s very difficult to talk about the game after a ceremony like that. All 5,000 that came to the arena today, they were all one: players, fans, administration, club staff. They were part of the game, part of the team. A big thanks to them. But I’d especially like to thank Sergei Kushchenko. This is our mutual project. From the very first day of our working together we have done everything together. It was a successful year. We achieved the goals we set for ourselves: Euroleague Final Four, Russian Championship, Russian Cup Final. The team played excellent basketball. According to the regular season results, we were the best team in Europe and in Russia. And those aren’t just words. And our project is not finished yet. Next season began immediately after the final whistle today. We will try to keep the present CSKA. But everything will depend on the rules of the Russian championship and how many legionnaires the RFB will allow. That will define the makeup of our team.

Sergei Kushchenko, PBC CSKA general director:

- What do I sense right now? The smell of good tobacco from a championship cigar. For the third season in a row! But seriously, I still have trouble understanding how Ivkovic, after three meetings with some unknown guy from Russia, agreed to come work for CSKA. That’s a question for him. Regarding the results of this season, we made it to the final stage in every competition we played in. And CSKA was the best team in both tournaments: we won the Superleague regular season and the Russian Championship playoffs. About next season, I can say that because of the discord between FIBA and ULEB, we still don’t know who we have to play against. As soon as we see the list of Euroleague participants, we’ll begin putting the team together. Regarding the possible review of the number of legionnaires in the Russian league, I hope we can come to a compromise with the RFB. Our club has signed multi-year contracts with foreign players, based on a decision already made by the RFB. For that reason, should the limit be lowered, we may incur major losses. I can say that CSKA is not the only team in such a position. The decision should be put off. For example, you could raise the required number of Russian players required to be on the floor. About the final, I’d like to thank Ural-Great. Two professional teams played today. After losing two games in Moscow, the Perm side wasn’t about - like Lokomotiv and Avtodor - to be saved by expensive foreigners, but rather fought until the end. Everything points to the fact that everything will be even more professional in Russia next year. We hope to get our relationship with the RFB back on a more professional track. CSKA has already sent documents to national federations that we will let the players play for their national teams only if they will be insured. Last year our national federation insured all national team players,
showing its professionalism. This practice has already become an international norm. The NBA does that each year with regard to its players who play in World and European championships.

Valdemaras Khomichus, PBC Ural-Great coach:

First of all, regarding today’s game, I would like to congratulate all basketball fans on the conclusion of the championship, and CSKA and the Moscow fans on a tremendous win. It was a difficult championship. Both teams played in European cups and the Russian Cup. There were many great games. Realistically, CSKA was very strong the entire year and deserved this victory. Regarding our team, we are very happy that, having put together a new, young team, we immediately finished second in the Russian Championship. We earned the right to play in the finals thanks to hard work. And I’m happy with my players. Of course, you always want more. But we understand that all 14 players gave 100 percent over the course of the entire season. So I’m not upset. We played well, but CSKA is objectively stronger.


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