Главный тренер нашей команды Димитрис Итудис назван Человеком года, представляющим Грецию в международном спорте, по итогам опроса журналистов в стране…
Димитрис Итудис назван Человеком года в греческом спорте

I am honored and I would like to say thank you to association of Greek sports journalists and its President personally. I am completely understand the meaning of the award, I promise that me and my associates, assistants, staff and players here in CSKA will keep working hard. Me and my compatriots are doing our best to represent Greek community in Russia and other foreign countries. Congratulations to everyone who got awarded, to our Greek athletes. The sportsmen from our country were successful this year, they shined during Olympics and Paralympics, and I consider real heroes the guys who compete despite kinetic problems. I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to stay healthy in crazy world we are living in with so many terroristic acts, we all hope that this madness will come to an end.


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