Европейский опыт американского нападающего ЦСКА Дэвида Вантерпула ограничивается двумя странами – Россией и Италией. Перед встречей с «Бенеттоном» мы попросили игрока немного рассказать об итальянских клубах и ситуации, в которую попал ЦСКА после поражения от «По-Ортеза»...
David Vanterpool: Italian teams get used to struggle
CSKA forward David Vanterpool European experience is limited to two contries: Russia and Italy. We decided to ask the forward several questions before the game against Benetton:

The head coach of Benetton David Blatt is also the coach of Russian National team. Can this fact become a factor in a game tonight?
- No. I am sure right not Blatt is more concerned on his club, probably he would use the trip to Russia to get some new information about Russian National team candidates but surely he would not pay much attention to it. The time for the National teams is summer.

What do you think is the main point of the Euroleague teams from Italy? What makes their style?
- The Italian championship is one of the strongest in Europe. And all the teams in it used to struggle in the game to the very end. That is Italian teams get used to and it helps them in the Euroleague.


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