Our team moved from Kazan straight to Nizhny Novgorod, where the players recovered and prepared for Sunday’s game against the hosts...

Weekend in Nizhny

Let's go North

The flight from Kazan to Nizhny Novgorod takes less than an hour - much more time is required traveling to and from airports, waiting for boarding and baggage pickup. However, for the team this is all an everyday matter, and the double-header mode can be called simple.

It’s rare for trips to have two practice sessions in one city. This is exactly what happened in Nizhny, and both times the red-and-blues worked out at the Meshchersky Sports Center, at the training base of the Nizhny Novgorod team. On Friday, the session was more about a recovery, with stretching, shooting and joking around. And on Saturday the team worked seriously, in tapes, five on five.

The opponent is wounded and therefore dangerous

The first person to meet at the local site was CSKA legend and Pari NN president Sergei Panov. He complained about the huge number of injuries (it’s easier to remember who remained on the roster) and, with his characteristic humor, offered to play Andrei Shchepankov, the visitors sports director, to play for the hosts. In general, the roster of Nizhny Novgorod on Sunday, one way or another, will be unusual. Therefore, it doesn’t even make sense to talk about the leaders in the opponents’ roster.

“Nizhny is famous for playing tough and physical,” CSKA head coach Emil Rajkovic said. “Even though the team is now shortened by injuries we expect them to play even tougher to cover up the lack of several experienced players. That means that the energy level will be essential in the upcoming game. We are in good spirits after the win in Kazan, we had time to recover so I hope that the team will respond well and play with good tempo and attitude for all 40 minutes.”

Past matchups

Win-loss record: 40-4

2022-23 VTB League regular season games:

14-Nov-2022. 1st round. CSKA – Pari NN: 107-63 (+44)
10-Jan-2023. 1st round. Pari NN – CSKA: 79-109 (+30)
02-Feb-2023. 2nd round. Pari NN – CSKA: 70-89 (+19)
22-Mar-2023. 2nd round. CSKA – Pari NN: 76-75 (+1)

Brief dossier

BC Pari Nizhny Novgorod

Founded: 2000
Colors: white, black
Homecourt: Labor Unions Palace of Sports (5,000)
President: Sergey Panov
Head coach: Zoran Lukic
Website: www.nn-basket.ru
Accomplishments: Russian Cup winner (2023), VTB United League runner-ups (2014), Russian Championship runner-up (2014), Superleague B champion (2010), Russian Cup finalists (2011)


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