Our team is one step away from the bronze medals of the VTB League. We need a win over Zenit. It is not going to be easy. Game 5 in Moscow is ahead of us...
To play hard again!


At a press conference after the fourth game of the series, Casper Ware was asked about deja vu (that’s why this word appeared in the title of the story about the game). Indeed: the same game number, the same score in the series, the same hero. But only St. Petersburg fans will like further comparisons. The Moscow fans do not want repetitions of last year's scenario at all. And all together - with the team - dream of the season ending on Monday. Bronze medals are also awards, you can aim at them, you can enjoy them. It seems that the red-blues found strength and motivation in themselves, having won three times in a row after a devastating defeat at the start. And, in the end, the audience's interest is decent.

The team returned to the capital in a good mood right after the game late at night. And continued to work, although the Saturday practice at Megasport was not hard, it included just stretching and shots. Nikola Milutinov, who felt pain in his injured ankle, was still occupied exclusively with medical procedures, but Artem Komolov practiced with his teammates. Alexey Shved continues to recover from injury at home.


Emil Rajkovic, CSKA head coach:

It is important for us to stay focused and to play defense with maximum effort. Like in every game until now we need to stick with a game plan, to find holes in their defense and exploit them as much as we can. Again, everything starts with defense and hustle. In the whole series both teams play as hard as they can.


Wins-losses: 30-13 (5-0 in EuroLeague, 18-0 against Triumph Lyubertsy)

Games of the 2022-23 VTB United League season:

01-Nov-2022. 1st stage. Zenit - CSKA: 80-85 (+5)
20-Jan-2023. 1st stage. CSKA - Zenit: 80-100 (+20)
06-Feb-2023. 2nd stage. CSKA - Zenit: 88-90 (-4)
13-Mar-2023. 2nd stage. Zenit - CSKA: 69-72 (+3)
05-May-2023. For the 3rd place. CSKA - Zenit: 68-86 (-18)
07-May-2023. For the 3rd place. CSKA - Zenit: 85-61 (+24)
10-May-2023. For the 3rd place. Zenit - CSKA: 60-71 (+11)
12-May-2023. For the 3rd place. Zenit - CSKA: 72-77 (+5)


Zenit St.Petersburg, Russia

Founded: 2014
Colors: dark-blue, white, light-blue
Homecourt: SIBUR Arena (7,120)
CEO: Alexander Tserkovny
Head coach: Xavi Pascual
Website: bc-zenit.com


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