A long-awaited event is about to happen at Megasport. In the VTB League, only CSKA and UNICS are undefeated at the start of the season, and tomorrow someone will have to move down from the first place...
Unbeaten vs unbeaten


It was not easy for Kazan side to maintain their leadership status. In the away game with Minsk they started off briskly, earned +18, but allowed their opponents to drag themselves into the difficult ending and prevailed with a modest score of 54-58. Nevertheless, eight wins is a record streak for UNICS at the start of the regular season.

The Red-Blues worked in Krylatskoye on Monday, after which they moved to Megasport for the next week - all training sessions before the meeting with Nizhny will also take place here. Only Semen Antonov, who is recovering from Achilles surgery, remains outside the roster.


Emil Rajkovic, CSKA head coach:

UNICS is putting in a lot of energy both defensively and offensively, and this is a style of coach Perasovic. Their record tells about them, they are still unbeaten and they’ve defeated Zenit in St.Petersburg. Like always, they are a really good basketball team. I expect a real battle tomorrow, a physical game. We have to answer, to be physical and agile as well that will help us implement or game plan.


Wins-losses: 82-23

CSKA biggest margin of victory: 102-54 (+48) (1997-98 Russian Championship. Quarterfinal)
UNICS biggest margin of victory: 113-77 (-36) (2000-01 Russian Superleague. Regular season. 2nd stage)

Games of 2021-22 Season:

07-Nov-2021. VTB League Regular Season. UNICS – CSKA: 69-64 (-5)
15-Dec-2021. EuroLeague. Regular Season. CSKA – UNICS: 67-88 (-21)
28-Jan-2022. EuroLeague. Regular Season. UNICS – CSKA: 75-86 (+11)
07-Feb-2022. VTB League Regular Season. CSKA – UNICS: 103-105 3ОТ (-2)



Founded: 1991
Color: green, black, white
Home court: Basket Hall (7,500)
President: Evgeny Bogachev
Head coach: Velimir Perasovic
Website: www.unics.ru
Trophy case:
- EuroCup winner (2011),
- FIBA Europe League winner (2004),
- 4-time Russian League runner-up (2001, 2002, 2004, 2007),
- 6-time Russian League bronze winner (2000, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011),
- NEBL champion (2003),
- 3-time Russian Cup winner (2003, 2009, 2014),
- 3-Russian Cup runner-up (2005, 2007, 2010),
- 3-time VTB United League runner-up (2010, 2012, 2016)


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