Our team will have to play vs ASVEL with very little preparation. The Army Men came back to Moscow tonight after staying overnight in Athens, so they will have only short morning shootaround to get ready for the game...
Rest as a priority


The opponents are in completely different situations. The French team is playing just once this week as their game vs Zenit was postponed due to COVID situation on St.Petersburg’s team. So the visitors came to Moscow earlier and they had normal practice on Megasport floor on Thursday.

The Red-Blues roster most probably will remain the same. Will Clyburn (hip) remains questionable for the game.


Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:

We decided to stay overnight after the game [vs PAO], I think it helps the players to stay in their beds, to sleep normally for 6-8 hours. The most important thing is to recover when you play back-to-back games with a long trip. We, coaches, prepared for the game, analyzing ASVEL and our game.

Semen Antonov, CSKA forward:

We will have only short video session as a preparation for the game, I think we will watch the moments from our first meeting, we will recall what we did good and bad. From one side, it’s difficult when you have no time to prepare, to study weak and strong qualities of the opponent. On the other hand, maybe it is good when you don’t fill your had with a big amount of information. We played a good game vs Panathinaikos, we shared the time, so the players are pretty fresh. Hopefully, our fans will come and support us on Friday night.


Toko Shengelia played together with ASVEL’s Yussupha Fall for Baskonia in 2019-20.


Wins-losses: 9-5

19-Feb-1970. European Champions Cup. 1/4 Final. Group Stage. CSKA – ASVEL: 109-70 (+39)
26-Feb-1970. European Champions Cup. 1/4 Final. Group Stage. ASVEL – CSKA: 89-99 (+10)
09-Dec-1986. European Cup. 1/4 Final. Group Stage. CSKA – ASVEL: 102-53 (+49)
20-Jan-1987. European Cup. 1/4 Final. Group Stage. ASVEL – CSKA: 87-85 (-2)
20-Dec-2000. Suproleague. Regular Season. ASVEL – CSKA: 72-80 (+8)
08-Mar-2001. Suproleague. Regular Season. CSKA – ASVEL: 83-91 (-8)
17-Apr-2001. Suproleague. 1/4 finals. CSKA – ASVEL: 78-63 (+15)
19-Apr-2001. Suproleague. 1/4 finals. ASVEL – CSKA: 76-82 (+6)
31-Oct-2002. Euroleague. Regular Season. ASVEL – CSKA: 99-87 (-12)
15-Jan-2003. Euroleague. Regular Season. CSKA – ASVEL: 85-65 (+20)
08-Nov-2019. Euroleague. Regular Season. ASVEL – CSKA: 67-66 (-1)
22-Dec-2020. Euroleague. Regular Season. ASVEL – CSKA: 78-87 (+9)
08-Apr-2021. Euroleague. Regular Season. CSKA – ASVEL: 88-70 (+17)
27-Oct-2021. Euroleague. Regular Season. ASVEL – CSKA: 70-68 (-2)


Founded: 1948
Colors: black, white, grey
Homecourt: Astroballe (5,556)
President: Tony Parker
Head coach: TJ Parker
Website: ldlcasvel.com


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Играл такой парнишка в ПБК ЦСКА.
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Какой Майк Джеймс из Олимпии?
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