Our team will play its first post-New Year game against the leader of the VTB League season Avtodor...
Leaders are ahead


The Saratov team has suffered only one defeat so far and is ranked first in the standings. Still, the Volga team have not met the Muscovites yet.

Red-and-blues got two days off on New Year's days - December 30 and 31, after which they returned to full-time work.


Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:

We are playing with a very serious rival, Avtodor has shown consistency this season, especially on offense. This is the team that leads the league in scoring, including shooting percentage, so they win, plus they defend using zone pressure and matchups. But in general, their best qualities are based on high percentage shooting. We need to keep this in mind and focus on the details we were working on.


Wins/losses: 57-16
Game of 2020-21 VTB League season:
10-Oct-2020. CSKA – Avtodor: 100-66 (+34)
18-Jan-2021. Avtodor - CSKA: 82-98 (+16)


Avtodor Saratov

Founded: 1960
Colors: black, white
Home court: Kristall Ice Palace (5,500)
President: Vladimir Rodionov
Head coach: Emil Rajkovic
Website: www.avtodor.ru
Trophy case: 4-time Russian League runner-up (1994, 97, 98, 99), 2-time Russian League bronze winner (1992, 96), EuroCup semifinalist (1998), Superleague A champion (1997, 98), Superleague B champion (2009), Superleague champion (2013/14)


04 January 14:11
Не соперники. Ждём Евролигу
04 January 00:09
С Итудиса, команду ждет провал, причем на всех фронтах, только Ватутину это пока непонятно.
05 January 12:28
Критерии провала в студию, пожалуйста! Невыигрыш Евролиги? Да,там каждый год один победитель, а остальные - провалившиеся лузеры)

Лига ВТБ? Ну там в конце сезона диванные эксперты будут говорить, что  повезло. Зенит со своей инфраструктурой - единственный качестенный конкурент в ближайшей перспективе, Уникс всех покошмарит в первой части сезона, потом увы сдуется за отсутствием запаса прочности.
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